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Revolutionizing Elder Care with Advanced AI is the company behind Ava; an advanced AI developed by a team of healthcare pros, engineers, and AI specialists to revolutionize elder care. Ava was designed to provide compassionate, integrated, and personalized care for elderly patients, addressing the growing need for effective home health aides in an aging population.

Elder Couple

Empower Your Care Team, Together. is dedicated to empowering care teams through innovative AI solutions.  By being available, engaging, and present for elderly patients 24/7, Ava is the eyes and ears of family and care professionals.  Our goal is to enhance collaboration and communication among family and healthcare professionals to deliver the best possible care for elderly patients.

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Continuous Companionship

Ava is not just an assistant for reminders and check-ins. Ava has access to vast knowledge bases and the capacity to research, learn, and adapt to the hobbies and interests of the elderly under her care.  This way, Ava develops genuine rapport.

Integrated with Leading Healthcare Systems's AI technology seamlessly integrates with industry-leading healthcare systems, ensuring smooth data exchange and comprehensive support for care providers.

Insightful Analytics and Reporting

Ava's advanced analytics and reporting capabilities provide valuable insights for family and care providers, enabling data-driven decision-making and personalized care plans. Experience the power of Ava's analytics - Try for Free.

Trusted by Healthcare Professionals

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Hear It from Our Users

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“Ava has transformed the way we deliver care to our elderly patients. Its personalized approach has made a significant impact on their well-being.”

Sophia, RN, ElderCare Solutions

How Does Ava Enhance Elder Care?

Keeps Everyone Informed & Engaged

Saves Time & Resources

Always-on Elderly Assistance and Companionship

Ensures Timely Access to Critical Information

Unlock the Potential of Ava

Taking Care of Plants

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