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Revolutionizing Elder Care with Advanced AI is the company behind Ava; an advanced AI developed by a team of healthcare pros, engineers, and AI specialists to revolutionize elder care. Ava was designed to provide compassionate, integrated, and personalized care for elderly patients, addressing the growing need for effective elder care in a rapidly aging population.

Our Journey Begins


Company Founded


Prototype Development Initiated


Ava's First Successful Test


Official Launch of Ava

Nurse and Patient on Wheelchair

At, we are dedicated to improving quality of care by providing comprehensive, compassionate, and personalized support for elderly individuals, in close coordination with those family, friends, healthcare providers, vendors, and emergency services involved.  With frequent engagement and coordination with others, Ava is redefining the standards of home-based healthcare.


At, we are committed to reimagining the future of elder care by combining our expertise in healthcare with the power of AI. Our goal is to empower the families and caregivers with a reliable, intelligent, and user-friendly platform that ensures the well-being and comfort of their seniors.

Family dinner

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