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Revolutionizing Elder Care with Ava

Surprising Mom

Real Teamwork 

Ava's communication platform is omni-directional and designed to facilitate seamless collaboration and information sharing among elderly, family, and care teams, enabling efficient and effective communication in eldercare settings. 


Ava is trained on the latest research to use evidence-based methods to detect and distinguish between developing health concerns and time-critical emergencies.  When detected, Ava alerts medical providers and family. Because Ava is always-on and develops frequent contact with elderly, Ava may be the first to notice emergencies and send alerts; saving time and saving lives.

Companion, Assistant, Advocate

Ava provides assistance and companionship by forming lasting relationships with elderly in her care. This allows Ava to be an ever-present assistant and advocate for her elderly users' evolving needs and interests. Far more than a "medication reminder bot", Ava knows her elders' well, helps them stay healthy, and helps build deeper bonds between her elders' and their families, friends, and caregivers.

Stay Informed and Connected

In the dynamic environment of eldercare, real-time information sharing is crucial for timely decision-making and peace of mind. Ava provides private, secure, and real-time sharing of eldercare information, ensuring that families and healthcare teams stay informed and aligned. Our real-time communication solution is designed to optimize collaborative care delivery.

Ready to experience the future of Elder Care?

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